PATIENT Testimonials:

Photo of Smiling older couple; Testimonials for Dr. Guttenberg, Washington DC Oral Surgeon

In an effort to identify ways that we can better serve our patients, we contracted with an independent research company to survey our patients in an objective, scientific manner. In this fashion, we felt that we could find out what we were doing right and also illuminate areas that needed improvement. We were pleased when we received the evaluation.

In his letter to us, Mr. Todd Hollander, the director of research wrote: “Congratulations! The results of your ADA-CheckUp Patient Satisfaction Survey demonstrates that your staff and practice are significantly above average, a fact which your patients recognize and appreciate.”

We were gratified that 96% of our patients would recommend the practice to others. Furthermore, in response to the question, “Should your dentist recommend this practice to others?” 96% of those surveyed answered “yes”.

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Our Patients Are What Make Us Special!  Please Read The Amazing Reviews Our Patients Have Asked Us To Share With You:

  • You have a superior reputation as the best surgeon in D.C. Its easy to see why. — AM
  • Everyone in your office showed expert and thoughtful care in helping our son Daniel. A lot of planning, training, and experience has gone into putting together an excellent team. — NR
  • Thank you for taking such great care of my dad. You have an incredible office and delightful staff. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a more professional and caring office. I was truly impressed. — HO
  • Everyone in your office made me feel like a guest rather than a patient. I am impressed by the professional aura in your office, but most of all I appreciate your surgical counsel. Thank you for being so kind and straightforward. — JD
  • My thanks for the skillful surgery and for the pleasant and efficient workings of your staff. — JE
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the care and concern you have given me since I came to your office. I have been especially touched by the concern that everyone has expressed during the past weeks that I have been experiencing problems. Thank you for not only doing you jobs professionally, but also for the extra personal touches that are truly appreciated. I definitely believe that you all have given me the very best of care, physically and emotionally and for that I am truly grateful. — DT
  • I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for all the oral treatment that you performed on me this year. I admired your professionalism and honesty from the beginning and felt very content in having you as my surgeon. — DA
  • There are no gifts to express how precious life is. There are no words to describe what an exceptional person you are. Your heart and skills say more than a diploma. May God light your way with endless blessings. — EP
  • I wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for the fine work you do. Everyone was so cheerful and helpful that it made my surgeries as pleasant an experience as possible. I could tell that you and your staff really enjoy what you do, and this made me feel at ease. I feel fortunate for having had the experience of dealing with such a professional group. I know I traveled a long distance for your services, but it was well worth it. — AR
  • A few years ago I suffered a serious oral trauma which involved a completely avulsed front tooth, several other fractured and subluxed teeth and fractures in my jaw line.  A family friend referred me to Dr. Guttenberg and he performed emergency surgery and stabilized my condition on a busy Monday morning in his office.

    Over the next two years of my treatment with Dr. G., I had 2 bone grafting surgeries and 2 implant procedures.  During that time, I had numerous post-op and follow up visits in his office and interacted with nearly every member of his staff.  In every single instance, I found Dr. G. and each member of his staff, including the nurses, front office and billing personnel, to be courteous, knowledgeable and professional.  During the course of my treatment, I developed a very positive rapport with Dr. G. and his staff which helped make a very unpleasant experience a bit less so.

    While his services were not cheap, which I would not expect from a surgeon of his caliber in downtown Washington, D.C., his billing staff clearly explained the cost of every procedure, provided me with detailed treatment plans and billing information in advance of each procedure and filed all claims on my behalf with my insurance company.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Guttenberg and his staff.—M.R. 3.6.11

  • I just got my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Guttenberg, and I would highly recommend him and his office. I have an extreme dental phobia, and I put off getting my wisdom teeth extracted for 15 years. I needed someone who is extremely skilled, who has a professional staff, and who has a soothing bedside manner. Dr. Guttenberg did an excellent job. I felt as though I was in expert hands. His twilight sedation, which he mixes and administers, had me totally out, and I did not feel hungover afterward. His staff is professional, well-trained, attentive, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him for wisdom teeth extraction.—E.B. 5.3.11

  • I am cursed with bad teeth resulting from genetics, so I have very healthy relationships with dental professionals.  I would not go to anyone but Dr. Guttenberg for oral surgery.  First off, it is clear that he runs a very professional operation.  He has all of the latest technology.  Additionally, the staff all seem extremely competent and friendly.  All of my interactions with his staff have been extremely congenial.  I actually enjoy going into the office because everyone who works there is pleasant to talk with!

    Dr. Guttenberg did my wisdom teeth a year and a half ago, and the results were perfect.  I had no complications, no bruising, and barely any swelling.  I also needed a tooth extracted last year because one of my former dentists had botched a root canal and perforated the root of the tooth.  Dr. Guttenberg extracted the tooth and did an excellent job with the bone regeneration that was needed.  Since the surgery, several dental professional have remarked on how great the results of that procedure came out.

    I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Guttenberg and his staff!  You will be in good hands if you have him do your oral surgery work.—A.H. 7.12.12

  • I have a long (over 20 year) history of issues with my mouth, and was referred to Dr. Guttenberg earlier this year by my dentist when I developed what he believed at the time was an infection of some sort in my gum area.  Dr. Guttenberg‘s office was unbelievably accommodating from the moment my dentist’s office called him and they sent me down the street to immediately be seen.

    Dr. Guttenberg greeted me that day with a smile and concern, quickly assessed what I had going on and scheduled a surgery for a few days later.  Due to the rare nature of my condition it took multiple treatments over the course of about seven months to ultimately be cured, and the care I received throughout my time with Dr. Guttenberg was truly second to none.  Dr. Guttenberg was diligent in determining what was causing my condition, thorough in discussing treatment options and methodical in his approach.  I was confident throughout the time I was receiving treatment that I was in the utmost best of hands.

    Given my history of oral surgeries and issues, I have seen far more than my fair share of oral surgeons and other dental professionals, and none can even closely compare to Dr. Guttenberg.  He and his entire staff are kind, compassionate, professional and make coming to a doctor’s office for seemingly unpleasant reasons as positive of an experience as one can have.

    I hope I just went through what will be my final issue with my mouth but, if I have future problems, I no doubt will return to Dr. Guttenberg‘s office.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.—J.G.12.12.12

  • I saw Dr. Guttenberg recently for complications stemming from wisdom teeth removal with a different oral surgeon. He and his office accommodated me at the last minute, and over the next couple of weeks worked to bring me back to full heath. Wisdom teeth removal sucks, no two ways about it. But Dr. Guttenberg and his staff made the process as painless as possible. They place a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction, and it shows.
    Highly recommended!
    —C.W. 1.5.13

  • Dr. Guttenberg removed my wisdom teeth in 2010 and performed two dental implants, a tooth extraction, and a bone graft over the past 12 months.  All of his surgeries were performed without complications.  All of his surgeries were performed without complications. The dentist I originally had, made a mistake with the crown that was to go over an implant Dr. Guttenberg put in. This could have caused the implant to fail, but Dr. Guttenberg was able to clean up his mess and he referred me to a much better dentist.  His support staff have made the experiences friendly and as painless as possible.  They were also very clear on the prices I would pay for any given service and they filed insurance claims for me on my behalf.  I could not ask for better service and would recommend him highly!—A.B. 2.5.13
  • Love this guy and his team. Very professional, very polite, and most of all painless. I had a complex tooth out, took two painkillers that night and no more since. good dentists cost a bit but to me its worth every penny, never go for a bargain with dental work! I consulted two other in-network dentists before Dr. Guttenberg and i am very glad i went to him.
    The practice staff were friendly, professional and welcoming.
    —D.P. 3.16.13

  • I believe you pay for quality service, and Dr. Guttenberg represents that example quite well.   I went to other doctors seeking answers for my ailments only to hear therapy and other less than reputable responses.  However, Dr. Guttenberg and his staff were quite wonderful in aiding and educating me on my jaw and I learned that my health scare was because of an orthopedic issue that my previous doctor wanted to just treat.   Dr. Guttenberg recommended I seek an orthopedic surgeon.  In addition to that, he explained that part of my headache problem was from me clenching my teeth and not TMJ (the previous diagnosis I was given by my last TMJ specialist). Dr. Guttenberg is a true expert in his field and his staff is quite kind and capable in their duties. I got all of my concerns resolved in one day compared to the circus of doctors I went to see in the span of six weeks.   Although the prices are established as such, I got high quality care as a result of it.  My last dentist didn’t even reveal the results of the X-ray, but wanted therapy.   Dr. Guttenberg was frank with me every step of the way.  I recommend him on sheer integrity alone. —D.C. 4.1.13

  • I have had very challenging and difficult jaw and palate problems over the years, and Dr. Guttenberg is the only doctor who was able to give me the correct diagnosis and treatment.  Other doctors made the wrong diagnosis and gave the wrong treatment.  What a relief to find someone who can cure very difficult cases that stump even excellent physicians and dentists. I was unable to work, and now I am back to normal.  The palate problem/tumor (some years back) required complex office surgery under anesthesia and the recent jaw issue only required medication that wasn’t even expensive and cured the problem so that I no longer need meds.

    I was reluctant to go to Dr. Guttenberg because my insurance pays more of the visit if I go elsewhere.  But, after going to several other doctors, elsewhere, without getting a diagnosis and continuing to suffer, I decided to pay the extra money and BOY WAS IT WORTH IT!—M.B. 6.2.13

  • This is a much overdue thank you for the wonderful work you did for me thirteen years ago for a tooth implant and the little shaving you did on the implant about a year ago.  Not only is your work second to none, but your personal care and bedside manner just meant the world to me.  Over the course of forty-four years I’ve seen my share of doctor’s for one thing or another and you my outstanding doctor, are my #1 favorite of all time.  I wanted you to know everything is going perfectly with the tooth and I don’t have an excuse to see you but should I have a need for any of your services, I will look forward to seeing you, your bow-tie’s and your smile. —KQ  7.30.13
  • I just had 2 of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Guttenberg last week, and I can’t speak highly enough about the practice. I called during the Government shutdown, thinking it was as good a time as any to have the procedure done.  They scheduled me immediately, and made the process very simple.  The front office staff was honest, efficient, and friendly. On the day of the procedure I arrived and was quickly given an iPAD to use for filling out my paperwork (I was shocked and impressed), and at the beginning of my appointment time I was ushered into an exam room. The procedure took no time, Dr. Guttenberg and his support staff were very considerate, and made sure I was comfortable and ready for everything.  With a “see you in a few minutes,” from the Dr. I was out, and awoke with fewer teeth, and some stitches.

    The work that Dr. Guttenberg did is exceptional as far as I can tell.  I had my first two wisdom teeth removed about 5 years ago, in Seattle, and by comparison- this experience was miles above.  I have no pain (comparatively), my face isn’t bruised at all, the stitches are clean (not the the looks of the inside of my mouth really matter to me), the icepack head wrap and mouth rinse were new to me this time, and they made a big difference. I would say the only drawback is the price, I believe it is about double what I paid in Seattle, but honestly, I wish I had used Dr. Guttenberg back then.  The difference is worth it!—D.R. 10.21.13

  • Dr. Guttenberg,
    My favorite:) Please fault my mind and not my heart for the delay of this visit, message, gift and of the love that comes with it.
    I am now at a place to understand and fully appreciate how you were there for me during the most difficult time of my life. Your support, your kindness, your care means more to me than I know how to say. You are such a special person and you mean very much to me. —Hugs, I.B. 11.11.13
  • I needed emergency surgery on my right salivary gland. Dr. Guttenberg‘s judgment from his first observation of me proved correct. He did some x-rays and some additional analysis to confirm his judgment and then he performed the necessary procedure. Since the procedure, a week now, in every follow up appt, he and his staff have been extraordinarily kind and patient. I was concerned about the recovery process (it was going slower than I thought it would) and called the Dr’s office just to ask some questions and he insisted that I go in so he can observe my concerns himself.

    The only negative thing I have to say about his practice is that it’s fee for service so it cost me quite a bit of money but the procedure had to be done and Dr. Guttenberg has a superb reputation…and you get what you pay for. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a super experienced, insightful oral surgeon.—T.F. 11.20.13

  • Dr. Guttenberg is an amazing doctor! In addition to attending dental school and a residency to become an oral surgeon, he has also gone to medical school. To say he knows his stuff is an understatement. He is extremely knowledgeable and I feel 100% comfortable sitting in his chair. He is gentle, thorough, and kind. In addition, his office staff makes you feel welcome at all times. They are super accommodating and are a pleasure to be around. I am so happy I found this practice!—J.B. 11.26.13

  • I highly recommend them! Scheduling was quick and easy. Every staff member was very kind, friendly, and informative. The surgeon relieved any fears, explained everything well, and put me at ease. I hate going to the dentist – but had no problem here.— A.S. 12.2.13
  • Dr. Guttenberg and his staff have been wonderfully responsive and attentive to my needs. They listened to my concerns and were able to find and fix a problem I’ve been chasing for 9 months with many other providers. I am so thankful for the care I received.—K.B. 12.13.13
  • No Brainer!! The Best!! — C.F. 11.26.14
  • Thank  you Dr. Guttenberg and staff. Your professionalism and kindness made the procedure so much easier. I appreciate all you have done in the past few weeks and will highly recommend you. Sincerely, — C.L. 03.10.15
  • Staff is delightful. Dr. G is the best! — C.D. 04.15.15
  • Dr. Guttenberg and the rest of the team: Thank you so much for taking great care of me these past few months! I really appreciate all of you for dealing with my (frequent) calls and visits. I hope to never have to come back but I will miss you! — C.M. 04.20.15