Zika Virus

CDC urges caution over Zika for pregnant women & their sexual partners

The New York Times (2/4, Fleur, Subscription Publication) reports that the CDC has announced that pregnant women whose male sexual partners have recently spent time in a Zika-infected territory “should either abstain from sex or use condoms during intercourse for the duration of their pregnancy.”

The recommendation came a day after Dallas reported the first case of sexual transmission of Zika in the United States. The agency “said…it plans to issue further guidelines in the coming days with an emphasis on what male sexual partners of women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should do to prevent the sexual transmission of the virus.” 80 percent of Zika patients showing no symptoms

For more information, visit the AMA’s Zika Virus Resource Center, and the CDC’s CDC issues Interim Guidelines for Preventing Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus and Updated Interim Guidelines for Health Care Providers


Photo: Dan Weinbaum Heart To Heart

Photo: Dan Weinbaum
Heart To Heart

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