Temptation to Bite…


It’s a hot and sticky day.  You stop in at the Sonic Burger primed for an ice cold Lime Aid.  They serve it poured over their famous ice nuggets.  As your lips press the straw and begin to suck, you feel the draw of a cube into your mouth.  Delicious coldness begins to fill your cheeks as the nugget slides across your tongue and onto your second molars.  With delight what do we do… CHOMP DOWN with the force of a sword cutting into our enemy during a fierce battle.  Conquest. The ice had no chance. But wait, what is this… you reach up to your mouth and pull out a shard of white.  Beautiful white enamel now lay in the palm of your hand.  Your tongue grazes across the tooth where it once sat proudly.  Defeated.  The ice won… Off To The Dentist For a Filling.

We all know that ice is one of the most harmful of tooth adversaries.  The ice is a crystal, our enamel is a crystal.  What happens when a crystal and a crystal collide? One of them shatters.  It’s usually the ice, but aged and weakened enamel will fall to the force over time. How do we avoid this?  Don’t Chew Ice… Ya Right.

MouthHealthy.org gives some nutritional recommendations for keeping those pearly whites through our geriatric years, as well as, a recognition of the worst dental habits we indulge. We all know ice cubes are bad, but what about rinsing too soon after you’ve brushed?  How about brushing too often? The following are little known things to avoid for a healthy mouth:

  1. Electric Toothbrushes: Sounds strange, but if used improperly the electric brush can actually do more harm, or nothing at all.  Always make sure you read the direction for use, or even ask your dentist for proper instruction on the right techniques.
  2. Rinsing too soon with water after brushing: The only proven benefit of toothpaste is it’s fluoride content.  If you are immediately rinsing with water following a good brushing then you’ve just rinse all that benefit down the drain.
  3. Mouthwash: Most mouthwashes contain high levels of alcohol.  The alcohol is harmful to your teeth and gums.  Recent studies are also showing a correlation between alcohol and oral cancer.
  4. Starting your brushing routine in the same place: Variety is the spice of life.  Mix it up! We start out aggressive and then get bored.  If you always start in the same spot, those teeth get really worn down while the ending teeth get little attention.
  5. Immediately brushing following wine or acidic drink usage: The acids in wine and acidic drinks soften the enamel of your teeth.  Immediately brushing following the use of these drinks will wear the teeth down much faster.




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