Could Probiotics be the next step in the fight over gum disease and tooth decay…

July 29, 2013

June 3,2016

You go to see your dentist twice a year, brush 3 times a day and floss after every meal.  Still you get those dreaded 5mm probing depths, or the “Looks like we’ve got a little spot of decay back here, Mr. Jones”.  Then the frustration sets in and you wonder what else you could’ve been doing.  A new study published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology might be giving us those extra steps.

Good oral hygiene will always be at the forefront of maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but mouth PH and our natural bacteria play a huge role in the way we accumulate plaque.  This plaque sits on our teeth and gums and reeks havoc on the oral environment.  In the past, dental professionals have attempted to lower the bacteria count with antibiotics in hopes of ridding the destructive bacteria, only to cause more acute issues because of the prolonged antibiotic use.  University of Florida Health Researchers have identified a new strain of bacteria in the mouth that may keep bad bacteria in check — and could lead to a way to prevent cavities using probiotics. The probiotic studies are now showing that we can potentially change the oral environment by increasing the bodies good bacteria, ultimately changing the oral ph, and finally getting those A+ Stars back at our annual check ups.



AEM: June 2016, Volume 82, Issue 12

UF News:  March 10, 2016 Morgan Sherburne



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