Needed … …. …. Some Jail House Rock

Suicide leading cause of death in jails after natural illness

jailThe AP (7/24, Merchant) reported, “Suicide is the leading cause of death in jails after natural illness.” People who are incarcerated “take their own lives three times more often than the average population, according to a 2010 study cited in the National Study of Jail Suicide.” A 2013 article on suicide in Texas jails that appeared in the LBJ Journal of Public Affairs said that jail environment stressors include “isolation, loss of control, conflict with other inmates or staff, frustration with legal proceedings, or distress and shame over incarceration.”

This poses a question. What can be implemented to alleviate the stressing causes that lead to suicide? What are other prison’s around the world implementing? CPDRC in the Philippines uses dance routines as part of the prisoners daily exercise.  

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