Dr. Guttenberg will be presenting this Friday, March 25th, at the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting Program


Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting 2016

March 24-26, 2016

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Washington, DC


Friday, March 25 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Room 203 A/B

Top Ten Medical Conditions in the US and Their Dental Implications:

Steven Guttenberg, DDS, MD


Course Code: CC08 No Fee

You are having a wonderful day in your office. You have been productive. Your patients have been thrilled with the care that you have provided and the staff is ecstatic. Then your assistant comes rushing into your office and advises you to come to operatory three immediately. The patient that she seated five minutes ago is having trouble breathing and his skin is turning blue. What is going on? What caused it? What should you do?

The population in the United States continues to grow and Americans are living longer. Diets, working conditions and the medical treatment of previously fatal conditions continue to improve. From a practical point of view, this means that patients who seek dental care are often older, taking more medications and inherently sicker than those seen even a decade ago. All dental practitioners and their staff must maintain a high vigil that potentially fatal medical events may occur in the offce at any time, whether their patient is young or old.

Meeting brochure and course descriptions can be found at: Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting 2016

Learning Objectives:
  1. Learn about the most common medical problems that may be seen in the dental o ce.
  2. Learn how to prevent, identify and treat common, as well as less frequently occurring, medical emergencies.


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