Dental Implants – Our Standard of Care





Today, the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth due to age or trauma does not have to simply be accepted and covered up with aesthetic devices. The long standing A vs. B at the top of the ladder is Crown & Bridge vs. Implant and Crown.

Replacing your missing teeth with a fixed bridge treatment option versus dental implant solutions may require permanent changes to adjacent natural teeth. To create a fixed bridge to replace a single missing tooth, your dentist must grind down adjacent health teeth to support a fixed bridge. This may significantly compromise the life expectancy of the supporting teeth due to the permanent changes to the tooth structure. Additionally, there are other risk factors such as bacteria access to the support teeth, which can lead to dental decay and gum disease, as well as possible oral bone and tissue loss.

Unlike a fixed bridge, replacing a single missing tooth with dental implant limits the compromise to the surrounding natural teeth.  Even if multiple teeth are to be replaced with single units or multiple implants to retain an entire denture. These help to preserve oral bone, gun tissue and natural facial contours. No need for denture adhesives and improved ability to chew.

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