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This Is Turn Around News!

JAMA Network reports A Randomized Clinical Trial out of Yale that is debunking one our most commonly used ‘old wives tales’.  For years woman have been told to consume cranberries for the prevention of UTI’s and bacterial formation in the bladder.  The thought behind the claim: the consumption of the proanthocyanidin rich cranberries actually lowered the presence of bacteriuria […]

Temptation to Bite…

It’s a hot and sticky day.  You stop in at the Sonic Burger primed for an ice cold Lime Aid.  They serve it poured over their famous ice nuggets.  As your lips press the straw and begin to suck, you feel the draw of a cube into your mouth.  Delicious coldness begins to fill your […]

Cannabis Usage Linked to Advanced Periodontal Disease

The number of Americans using marijuana is increasing rapidly. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have laws legalizing cannabis to some degree, with Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington having legalized marijuana for recreational use. The JAMA Network recently published a report on the link between long term cannabis use and periodontal disease. Participants belonged to a representative birth […]

Make mine a Double!!

2 Cups of Hot Chocolate A Day Keeps The Mind Young and Fit!! A study out of Harvard Medical School is supporting all of our chocolate addictions. Eat, Drink and Be Merry… it’s a marvelous day when we’re told to indulge in the chocolate delights! The study has shown significant cognitive memory retention in dementia patients after […]

Outstanding Reviewer Status!

Just doing my part to to keep the educational flame burning…   Congratulations – you have been awarded OUTSTANDING REVIEWER STATUS! You are awarded this status as you are in the top 10th percentile in terms of the number of reviews completed for Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in the past two years. Peer review is the […]