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Oral Contraceptive Use and Tobacco Use in Relation to Alveolar Osteitis

An revisited study finds correlation between Alveolar Osteitis and Oral Contraceptives, especially in conjunction with Tobacco Usage.  The ADA and JADA strongly support Dentist being more cognizant of patients using OCs and smoking tobacco. “Our global meta-analysis robustly indicated: (1) females have a greater susceptibility to AO than males; (2) among females, oral contraceptive use significantly increases the average risk of […]


The DC heat wave isn’t putting a damper on our Dapper Doctor! Summer dress shorts, pressed shirt… and Bowtie In Check!!  Dr. Steven A. Guttenberg, DDS, MD, of the Washington Institute For Mouth, Face and Jaw Surgery, is representing our Nation’s Capital in Style…

Same-Day Dental Implant®

 What is the Same-Day Dental Implant® Concept? The trademarked Same-Day dental implant treatment usually involves the removal of teeth that are beyond repair, the placement of four to six implants, and the immediate fabrication and delivery of a fixed, or non-removable, set of replacement teeth.  This is all accomplished in one day, usually within four […]