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Sports Dentistry & Dr. Guttenberg

Washington, D.C. Steven A. Guttenberg, DDS, MD recently attended the three day Academy of Sports Dentistry 33rd Annual Symposium held in Chicago, Illinois. The presentations at the symposium were designed to inform participants of updates for the prevention and treatment of oral-facial injuries resulting from athletic activities or other traumatic incidents. Approximately 175 dental professionals from around the […]

Dental Implants – Our Standard of Care

    Today, the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth due to age or trauma does not have to simply be accepted and covered up with aesthetic devices. The long standing A vs. B at the top of the ladder is Crown & Bridge vs. Implant and Crown. Replacing your missing teeth with a […]

Good nutrition isn’t only what you eat; it’s what you drink too. As originally reported by Duke pediatric dietitian, Jenny Favret, RD, she reviews how much sugar can be found in some beverages, their impact on health, and how to help your kids make healthy drink choices in this article. It’s called water Cleverly packaged, brightly […]

Not All Honors Are Good

  Drug overdose continues to be a rising problem in the U.S. Death rates from drugs increased in 26 states and the District of Columbia and actually surpassed automobile crashes as the leading cause of injury related mortality. In 2013, prescription medication and illicit drug deaths surpassed 44,000. West Virginia has the dubious honor of […]