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Find Your Happy Place

In a recent article published in Frontiers in Psychology, researchers presented evidence that meditation may retard age related atrophy of the brain. Persons in the study who were long-term meditators experienced less loss of grey matter throughout their entire brain rather than in just the small regions which the investigators had anticipated.

To smoke or not to smoke? That – depends on the gum.

  As recently reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, varenicline (Chantix) proved useful to help smokers who were not able or willing to abruptly stop smoking to actually quit the habit. For patients who want to stop smoking, we have been successfully prescribing Chantix for many years.

I’m not really HOT HEADED?

There is a myth that one loses 80% of their body heat through the head. In fact, covering one part of the body has as much effect as covering any other. Based on body surface area, the head only represents about 10% of the body’s total surface area and if left uncovered during cold weather, […]

Appears the death of AIDS is in sight !

  It is possible that a new compound may be useful as an AIDS vaccine in the future. It has been tested in monkeys and was able to block HIV infection. It is a positive finding but its use in humans still needs to be tested and evaluated.

Prevention Is Better Than A Cure! You Going To Eat That Carrot?

In a recently published article the authors point out that colorectal cancers are a leading cause of cancer death, and that their primary prevention by diet would be highly desirable. They evaluated the association between vegetarian dietary patterns and incident colorectal cancers in 490 cancer cases with an average followup period of 7.3 years. Their […]

Go relax in a sauna. It could save your life!

  Good news for those who enjoy the use of saunas. As reported in a recent Journal of the American Medical Association, Internal Medicine, men who frequently used saunas had a reduced risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal coronary heart disease, fatal cardiovascular disease (CVD), and all-cause mortality. Additional investigations are needed to establish the […]

Welcome To The Modern OMS

Dr. Steven A. Guttenberg and The Washington Institute for Mouth, Face and Jaw Surgery would like to welcome you to the new blog and encourage you to share this link throughout your social media. This blog will provide headlines onĀ currentĀ concerns, curiosities and breakthroughs in the world of modern medicine and public health. You will see […]